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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Advances in Drone Technology Make Aerial Photography More Accessible

It used to be the case that aerial landscape photographs were only available to those who were willing to shell out top dollar to rent a helicopter and provide a host of expensive photography equipment. Today that is no longer the case. Drones are becoming more popular all the time for both professional and individual use, providing a much less expensive alternative and opening up a whole new world to people and companies that couldn’t previously afford to capture life from a bird’s eye view.

Technological innovation has led to artistic innovation. When it comes to showcasing the natural beauty of any environment, aerial photography has proven itself to be an incredibly useful tool. Constant advances in photographic and video drone technology have encouraged the development of less prohibitively expensive equipment, meaning that travel and tourism bureaus and individual businesses wishing to create eye catching marketing content can both stand to benefit. Individual artists can now afford to make use of these revolutionary techniques as well.

The quality of digital footage captured from aerial drones has been increasing steadily as well. As drones are created with more precision and the ability to hover in place for longer periods of time, photographers have benefited. The cameras used for capturing high quality aerial footage have improved in turn, providing additional clarity and allowing for an unprecedented focus on smaller details of ground terrain from a birds eye view.

Previously unimaginable detail can now be captured from high in the air, allowing photographers and marketing agents access to shots of difficult or impossible to reach places. This means that in addition to being able to capture beautiful aerial landscapes photographers can also create stunning and detailed images of chasms, waterfalls, and skyscrapers alike from above.

Professional graphic designers and marketing agents alike can make good use of this evolving technology by employing drones to take photographs for websites, advertisements, tourism brochures, postcards, full sized posters, and other promotional materials. After all who wouldn’t feel inspired to head off on vacation upon seeing a wide swath of natural beauty or a city skyline lit from below and teeming with life.