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Getting Cheap Flights To Tasmania

Tasmania has always been just that little bit harder to get to than many other destinations in Australia. Being an Island has it’s benefits but flights can be one of the more expensive elements of an Tasmanian holiday. With that in mind here are our tips on how to score cheap flights to Tasmania.


One of the best ways to score cheap flights is to be on the airlines mailing lists. Every few months most airlines will run snap seat sales where you can get sub $100 flights. These sails are usually announced via email or social media and are designed to sell seats quickly so it’s worth not hitting the spam button on these emails.

Some things to take into account with these seats especially with Virgin and Jetstar is you will get charged steep credit card fees and also things like checked baggage all cost extra. These flights also often come with specific date ranges often around off-peak times so it’s worth making sure you can do the things you want to do here in those times.


Tourism Tasmania runs two marketing campaigns each year, one in spring and another in autumn. These campaigns are run with partners such as an airline or a travel agent and often feature some discount pricing. Many local businesses such as accommodation providers also tend to offer better prices around these campaigns so it may be possible for you to save on accommodation and pay a little bit more in flights instead.


Travel Agents and sites such as Expedia which offer travel deals can often get you some great rates on both flights and accommodation. These sorts of organisations are part of large travel distribution networks that are able to purchase services like flights, accommodation and tours at whole sale pricing. If you start factoring in your accommodation and your flights together and compare what you can purchase online yourself you may find the agents have some very competitive deals.


Peak tourist season in Tasmania is from October to April, over winter many of the outdoor tour companies shut up shop but this can be the perfect time to go on a road trip or come down for a festival. Often you can find things like accommodation and even car hire at discount rates if you call the operator directly rather than going through a website like wotif or stayz.